During the past six decades, the people associated with the sailing sport have had some unique chances to talk about and analyze the enthralling contrasts that are between the Rolex Yachtsman of US Sailing winners and Yachtswoman of the Year.

Now, one more time the winners of award 2018 has given as stewards and fans of the sport, the opportunity to reproduce and value their respective achievements of 2018, but possibly more prominently, the way they made this special place in careers and things that their future holds.

World Champion J/70, Jud Smith, and champion Carmen and Emma Cowles of Girl’s International 420 Youth Sailing World, were selected as the Rolex Yachtsman and Yachtswomen of the Year all for their outstanding performance in sailing in the year 2018.

The whole selection process followed the announcement in January of three women and three men who were shortlisted for these high-status awards and acknowledged as the top performers of the year in sailing by US Sailing.

The names of finalists who were nominated by US Sailing members and resolution by US Sailing was put in front of the panel of 28 proficient media professionals from sailing industry and award winners in the past. They check the merits of every finalist and voted individually to select the final winners. For this, they used the weighted point system. The point system was like this, (the 1st place vote means 5 points; the 2nd place vote means 3 points; the third place vote means 1 point).

Jud Smith got 116 points in this method of selection and his 116 points came from 20 first-place votes. The second was Zeke Horowitz from Annapolis who is the world champion of 2018 J/22 with 86 points, this point came from votes came from seven first place. Will Welles is the world champion of 2018 J/24, he finished in the third place with 50 points coming from one vote of first place.