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US Sailing Declared the Winners of 2018 Rolex Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of the Year

During the past six decades, the people associated with the sailing sport have had some unique chances to talk about and analyze the enthralling contrasts that are between the Rolex Yachtsman of US Sailing winners and Yachtswoman of the Year.

Now, one more time the winners of award 2018 has given as stewards and fans of the sport, the opportunity to reproduce and value their respective achievements of 2018, but possibly more prominently, the way they made this special place in careers and things that their future holds.
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Six Teenage Girls Complete Their Nine Day Sailing Journey And Returned Safely

After hearing the stories of sailing from the boys, the girls asked the Naval Sea Cadet Corps of U.S. for a kind of similar trip. At the request of these girls arrangement were made and the crew of six teenage girls finished their nine-day East Coast sailing trip in Mount Sinai. They completed their trip on Monday. During their trip they bravely fought with all the challenges that came. They countered seasickness, pushed the high winds and did the navigation in overnight shifts.

Kerry Monaghan of the crew member of Islip turned 17 while completing her trip run by the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps, and it was a very exciting experience for her. She called this experience the one which she will remember all of her life. She said, “The trip started amazing. It was really a great experience to just look out onto the water and nothing else. There was no land, only the blue sky,”
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Northern Ireland Sailing Heroes Awarded

On November 24, In RYANI Annual Awards declared the award of successful sailors who has made the largest difference from last so many years.

The 18 year old who graduated from RYANI performance has peaked with her selection for Youth Worlds taking place in China this December and the award of young Power Boater has gone to East Antrim Boat Club’s Joshua Kane.
Katie Kan Former RYA Junior and Youth Squad member has completed both national and international levels in topper and leisure classes and now giving coaches at home. Also, Katie involves herself in running the East Antrim’s Women on the water program.
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Ewing – An Inspiration For Sailors With Disability

Bob Ewing took position and in his wheelchair, he rolls up to his sailboat with the nonchalance of a seasoned sailor.

The wheelchair that he used for everything, he parked it alongside the boat of 22-foot long, anchors it to the dock, after then lifts his legs, which are paralyzed over the gunwale of boat gunwale and by taking the help of a volunteer, slowly slides his lanky frame of the wheelchair and accommodated themselves into the cockpit.

As Ewing settles in at the rudder, he turns to his companion of sailing on the dock, asking them to remove their wheelchairs, crutches and slide aboard.

It was all faster than one can sing a sea shanty; Ewing was in the boat and started his two-hour sail in the Washington Lake. Read More

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Great Lakes Sailing Club Regatta

For the laser category sailors it was a busy weekend at the Great Lakes Sailing Club state championship that was held recently.

Hosted by the sailing club on Wallis Lakes, it brought in several local and professional sailors who train and are experienced in sailing laser category vessels. This event had other attractions as well, such as a golf tournament that kick started the event. This was held at the Tuncurry Golf Course. It also helped prepare the sailors for the weekend of races. About 150 sailors were part of the One Design Olympic class of sailing. However the weather conditions were not very congenial that added challenges for the sailors on the waters. They had to brave north easterly winds on Saturday. The weather grew milder and more favorable for sailing on Sunday. The club organizers were pleased to host the Laser event that saw several master sailors and crew return to be part of the event for the second time.

The association chairman also felt that the varying conditions helped to put up a competitive scene overall for the competitors. It resulted in close racing across the three divisions in which the competitions were held. Many local sailors were part of the event and the club members were pleased that they obtained this opportunity and sail under varying conditions as well as face competitors from other regions. Read More

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