When it comes to the Luxury hotels, then they are always looking for ways and methods to outdo each other, from custom lobby fragrances to death-defying infinity pools. But, talk about the Ritz-Carlton, then a slightly different approach has been taken from it by branching out itself into the yacht business of luxury type.

Recently, it has made the announcement on Plainsailing.com that is building three seafaring vessels that is customizes one, and out of the three, the first one is all ready to sail in 2019. Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, managing director, Doug Prothero informed about the ship and said “It is going to be a hybrid between yachting and luxury cruising.”

The small size ships, that accommodated less than 300 guests on board, are designed keeping the Ritz-Carlton in consideration in the sea. However, according to Prothero, the people who are loyal to Ritz will never leave the yacht and try out some other yacht service.

He said, “The cruisers who are already associated with the Ritz-Carlton will definitely come to the yacht because it is new in every term, and the loyal customers RC will come at the yacht because it is a new product from the brand they know and love. And the people who are not the regular cruisers will opt this because it is not like a traditional cruise.

The first two ships will be seen in the Mediterranean, Eastern Canada, Northern Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America and New England. The second ship is going to be launched in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River. Talking about the third ship, the Ritz-Carlton has the planning to launch it in the Pacific.”

The rates of the services have not been announced yet and however, tickets for the sailing will go on sale in May 2018.