After hearing the stories of sailing from the boys, the girls asked the Naval Sea Cadet Corps of U.S. for a kind of similar trip. At the request of these girls arrangement were made and the crew of six teenage girls finished their nine-day East Coast sailing trip in Mount Sinai. They completed their trip on Monday. During their trip they bravely fought with all the challenges that came. They countered seasickness, pushed the high winds and did the navigation in overnight shifts.

Kerry Monaghan of the crew member of Islip turned 17 while completing her trip run by the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps, and it was a very exciting experience for her. She called this experience the one which she will remember all of her life. She said, “The trip started amazing. It was really a great experience to just look out onto the water and nothing else. There was no land, only the blue sky,”
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