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Luxury Yachts Of Ritz-Carlton At Sea Soon

When it comes to the Luxury hotels, then they are always looking for ways and methods to outdo each other, from custom lobby fragrances to death-defying infinity pools. But, talk about the Ritz-Carlton, then a slightly different approach has been taken from it by branching out itself into the yacht business of luxury type.

Recently, it has made the announcement on that is building three seafaring vessels that is customizes one, and out of the three, the first one is all ready to sail in 2019. Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, managing director, Doug Prothero informed about the ship and said “It is going to be a hybrid between yachting and luxury cruising.” Read More

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Great Lakes Sailing Club Regatta

For the laser category sailors it was a busy weekend at the Great Lakes Sailing Club state championship that was held recently.

Hosted by the sailing club on Wallis Lakes, it brought in several local and professional sailors who train and are experienced in sailing laser category vessels. This event had other attractions as well, such as a golf tournament that kick started the event. This was held at the Tuncurry Golf Course. It also helped prepare the sailors for the weekend of races. About 150 sailors were part of the One Design Olympic class of sailing. However the weather conditions were not very congenial that added challenges for the sailors on the waters. They had to brave north easterly winds on Saturday. The weather grew milder and more favorable for sailing on Sunday. The club organizers were pleased to host the Laser event that saw several master sailors and crew return to be part of the event for the second time.

The association chairman also felt that the varying conditions helped to put up a competitive scene overall for the competitors. It resulted in close racing across the three divisions in which the competitions were held. Many local sailors were part of the event and the club members were pleased that they obtained this opportunity and sail under varying conditions as well as face competitors from other regions. Read More

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