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Ewing – An Inspiration For Sailors With Disability

Bob Ewing took position and in his wheelchair, he rolls up to his sailboat with the nonchalance of a seasoned sailor.

The wheelchair that he used for everything, he parked it alongside the boat of 22-foot long, anchors it to the dock, after then lifts his legs, which are paralyzed over the gunwale of boat gunwale and by taking the help of a volunteer, slowly slides his lanky frame of the wheelchair and accommodated themselves into the cockpit.

As Ewing settles in at the rudder, he turns to his companion of sailing on the dock, asking them to remove their wheelchairs, crutches and slide aboard.

It was all faster than one can sing a sea shanty; Ewing was in the boat and started his two-hour sail in the Washington Lake. Read More

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Luxury Yachts Of Ritz-Carlton At Sea Soon

When it comes to the Luxury hotels, then they are always looking for ways and methods to outdo each other, from custom lobby fragrances to death-defying infinity pools. But, talk about the Ritz-Carlton, then a slightly different approach has been taken from it by branching out itself into the yacht business of luxury type.

Recently, it has made the announcement on that is building three seafaring vessels that is customizes one, and out of the three, the first one is all ready to sail in 2019. Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, managing director, Doug Prothero informed about the ship and said “It is going to be a hybrid between yachting and luxury cruising.” Read More

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